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All Dogs
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Pillar Point
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Other Houses

Ladies Of The Aeon
Jan - 21 - 16
Bad Reputation is the first full-length LP from Other Houses, the solo moniker of multi-instrumentalist Morgan Enos aka vocalist for doom/shoegaze band Hollow Sunshine. From its first moments, Bad Reputation is a noticeably different entity than Enos’ work with Hollow Sunshine and displays a remar ...

Stiletto Feels

Jan - 20 - 16
Stiletto Feels is not a band, at least not in a traditional sense. Initially a studio-only project, Stiletto Feels came to be as auteur Geoff Earle collaborated with friends to record a collage of performances without any one person meeting another. Drums, guitars, electronic instruments and vocals ...

Surf Rock Is Dead

Jan - 19 - 16
Unlike their name suggests, for the Brooklyn based duo Surf Rock IsDead, the dreamy, oceanic undertones of surf rock is very much alive on their debut EP SRiD. Comprised of Kevin Pariso and Joel Witenberg, both rely on their strong musical backgrounds to produce their new project. The result is this ...

The Jack Moves

Doublin' Down
Jan - 18 - 16
Born out of the mid-2000s skate scene, the Jack Moves are a product of an illustrious and creative period of downtown New York.Raised on a healthy diet of old-school soul and ’80s classics, singer, producer, arranger, and multiinstrumentalist Zee Desmondes met drummer, producer, and former pro ska ...

Pale Spectre

Song To My Dearest And Most Scornful Lovers (Live on Radio K)
Jan - 15 - 16
There's something about twangy guitars with chorus on them that conjures up nostalgia of vintage rock and local rock 'n' rollers Pale Spectre keep the vibes flowin' with this groovy track. When that synth line comes in, it's like someone is using two packets of glaze on just one toaster strudel. Soo ...

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