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Bür Gür

Green Sauce
May - 02 - 16
Bür Gür is a Los Angeles based duo comprised of Corbin Clarke and Makan Negahban, childhood friends who linked up to make music while living together in Santa Cruz, CA. After individually exploring various musical and artistic projects, the duo began directing their efforts towards writing, reco ...

The Controversial New 'Skinny Pill'

Told Me So
Apr - 29 - 16
The Controversial New 'Skinny Pill' is taking the world by storm. In the past week, corporate media pundits everywhere are stating their case on why or why not this new 'skinny pill' should see the light of day. Have there really been enough tests that prove that the skinny pill works? Does it actua ...


Future You
Apr - 28 - 16
First coming in to being when they filled an immediate need for a support band for The National after the scheduled opener was waylaid, LNZDRF has grown into a fully realized, kraut-psych-prog band. The songs, which were edited from 30+ minute jams, evoke the essence of their expansive, largely impr ...

Princess Century

Apr - 27 - 16
Maya Postepski's been building to "Rendezvous." The lead single from her new EP as Princess Century ditches the outright pop structures of her work with Toronto bands like TRUST and Austra, in favor of almost six minutes of gleaming, playful, unapologetically retro techno. It's more brutalist than t ...

Music Band

Day Stealer
Apr - 26 - 16
I'll tell you what Music Band isn't. Music Band is not a group of sour-faced millenial cry-babies wearing fedoras and Beatle boots, trudging through their live performances, looking like they can't wait to get off stage and hit their vape pens. Music Band is not a bunch of dirtnapping hee-hee boys w ...

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