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Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate)
You Will Eventually Be Forgotten



Grace Weber
Oil & Gold


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So Long (God Is Dead)
Jun - 25 - 14
MONEY is comprise of Jamie Lee, Charlie Cocksedge, Billy Byron and Scott Beaman. They formed in Manchester and embody the passion, creativity and optimism of a new generation of artists and musicians from there. With elements of James Blake, M83, and more, the group has found their own sound, and it ...

Syd Arthur

Hometown Blues
Jun - 24 - 14
UK's psychedelic rock quartet Syd Arthur offer a strikingly fresh take on 21st century psychedelia with their exceptional musicianship, elemental songcraft, and an unabashed spirit of adventure. Nourished by a steady diet of jazz and funk, folk and world music, Sound Mirror explores the myriad possi ...

The Shoe

Dead Rabbit Hopes
Jun - 23 - 14
Actress Jena Malone and Lem Jay Ignacio first met at an acoustic Christmas carol party at the Mandrake in Los Angeles, California in 2008. They ended up playing that night and meeting for the first time on stage. They performed "Walking in a Winter Wonderland" but with Jena singing completely in sca ...

Alpha Consumer

Miss Positron
Jun - 20 - 14
"Ms. Positron" is a wonderful example of local group Alpha Consumer's ability to be playful and engaging at the same time. Its plump with the musical precision and stellar execution we've come to appreciate about Alpha Consumer, but above all it is an example of their ability to write a good song. C ...

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

As Always
Jun - 19 - 14
For every briskly grabby, right-up-the-middle rush the band concocts, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah also finds a new way to deepen and vary its approach, in ways that reflect a relentless pursuit of invention and reinvention. The Philadelphia-based group has done a great deal in the ten years they've bee ...

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