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Trails and Ways


Bruise Violet
Maybe You're the Problem


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Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band

Intensity Ghost
Dec - 04 - 14
Intensity Ghost is the first studio release by Chris Forsyth with the Solar Motel Band (the new group formed in the wake of his critically acclaimed 2013 solo record Solar Motel) and it's a career-defining statement of purpose and a near virtual history tour of late 20th century electric guitar, tou ...

The Aislers Set

Unfinished Paintings
Dec - 03 - 14
The Aislers Set are enviable place in the pop pantheon. Brimming w/ drunken romanticism, sharp pop sensibilities & timeless melodies, they revel in the history of great pop, spiking their classicist 60s-tinged tunes w/ pure post-punk energy. Every song is a meticulously constructed sound world, wher ...

Magic Bronson

Dec - 02 - 14
Drawing on a large cache of influences and genres that vary from the pounding kick drum of hip hop to the fuzzed-out bass of punk rock,Magic Bronson bridges the gap with a fresh sound. Between Matthew Lieberman’s live bass and Michael Nicastro’s expressive, raspy, and sexy voice, Magic Bronson c ...

Kristoffer & The Harbour Heads

Elephant in the Room
Dec - 01 - 14
The producer and artist Kristoffer (Ragnstam) is back with his Harbour Heads. The US debut Skyscrapers With Seagulls has a chemistry that can only come from spending the better part of a decade touring Europe, Japan and the States. In their part of the world they’ve sold out headlined shows across ...

Magic Castles

White Stone
Nov - 28 - 14
Nothing like a little psych-rock to calm the innards the day after Thanksgiving. One part spacey and another part rockin', Magic Castles seems like they are summoning some sort of sheepish but powerful beast from the parting clouds that the listener is somehow standing on. The beast in "White Stone" ...

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