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Mr. Twin Sister
Mr. Twin Sister



Southside Desire
The Ledge (Live on Radio K)


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Magik Markers

Jan - 23 - 14
Lo-fi jams might just be the perfect music for winter. At least, that's what Magik Marker's track "Crebs" seems to prove, with its understated vocals and blend of grungy guitars making music that somehow fits the frozen landscape just right. Spin it below, and let the grunge keep you warm as we head ...

Jones Jnr.

I Love The Way
Jan - 22 - 14
Fresh off of their latest mixtape, The Soultape Vol. 2, comes this new track from soul/hip-hop/gospel duo Jones Jnr. Based in Sydney, Australia, the two men skillfully blend old sounds, new loops, and more vocals to create something infinitely groovy and yet completely new. So get up off of that thi ...

Ben Pearce

What I Might Do
Jan - 21 - 14
Ben Pearce has a voice that's hard to forget. Combining it with bass synth you can practically feel in your chest and simple drum loops, his track "What I Might Do" is instantly danceable, no matter how cold it might be outside. Keep yourselves warm over these next few frozen days with the track bel ...


Chinaberry Girl
Jan - 20 - 14
It's safe to say that Iiris may be one of the more unique artists we've ever featured on Radio K. Hailing from Estonia, her new single Chinaberry Girl shimmers and twists with hypnotic rhythms as her dreamy vocals layer over the whole thing. So listen below, and see what you think!

Brilliant Beast

Nepotism Shakes
Jan - 17 - 14
Fresh on the heels of their live on-air performance, we're showcasing a track by local four-piece Brilliant Beast today. The chilled out shimmer of the guitars in "Nepotism Shakes" perfectly frames Hannah Porter's fantastic vocals and gives an overall effect of warmth that is sought after on cold Mi ...

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