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Wye Oak
The Louder I Call, The Faster It Runs

Jul 28, 2014

Young Widows


Easy Living
(Temporary Residence)

Getting ready to move this fall? Need something to get you through lifting heavy boxes and sweating in the summer heat? Well, if you’re not looking to listen to something soothing for that move and want to feel a little bit more edgy, take a listen to Young Widows and their new album, Easy Pain.

For those who have never heard Young Widows, think of The Killers. Now, forget The Killers - it isn’t the Young Widows. Think of a band with a harder, heavy hitting sound, and with a strong driving beat and no desire to woo their listeners, but is one of the more enjoyable and easy listening post-punk albums to have come out in recent months. If anything, think of The Killers and System of a Down having a love child from a night of passion. That’s what the fourth album from Louisville, Kentucky, noise-rock trio Young Widows happens to be.


This album isn’t one to wait with long introductions - rather, Easy Pain is one that brings the listener to experience relentless, loaded, loud rock songs. The driving, almost 80s grunge bass and forceful rhythm section bring these songs to a different level. Dirty distortion and sound end each track before the next song kicks things back into high gear. As the band says on their own bio, “...the guitars are enormous, the drums are pummeling, and the trademark gut-churning bass is more jaw-dropping than ever.” This statement is completely true.

The song “Kerosene Girl” is a prime example of intensity, with dense, dark guitar tone and driving drums similar to those heard in four-on-the-floor. So, to continue with that, “Kerosene Girl” is not a song typical to mainstream media, and instead tells the story of a social recluse who is so awkward that he follows a woman to her house and burns it to the ground instead of talking to her on the dance floor.

Otherwise the song from the album with the band’s name is “The Last Young Widow”. This song is one which focuses more so on that driving drum beat, a consistent guitar riff that is bound to get stuck in your head, and is one that is, of all things, a way to slow things down in the album. Keep in mind, this band’s version of slow is still heavy and loud.

If you’re looking to listen to some extremely palatable post-punk, take a listen to Easy Living by the Young Widows (and if you enjoy that, take a listen to Helms Alee, another driving band with whom they are releasing a split record. When I’m moving couches and boxes around in the next month, I know I’m going to feel a little more hard core listening to Young Widow.

Jamie White