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September 2022

Radio K Takes Home More Awards than Any Other Station at CMJ College Radio Awards This Year

Pretty much the Oscars of college radio, Radio K was up and down the red carpet three times at College Music
Journal’s Annual College Radio Awards Ceremony- snagging Best Community Resource, Biggest Champion of the Local Scene, and Music Director Who Will Never Sell Out. Needless to say, our parents were pretty proud of us. This is the second year in a row Radio K has taken home the awards for “Best Community Resource” and “Biggest Champion
of the Local Scene,” and we couldn’t be prouder to toot our own horn—the Twin Cities’ has the best local music scene ever and we’re proud to shout it from the rooftops. Take that Seattle!


And finally, if college radio was an action movie, it would star a young Bruce Willis as our own Ross Koeberl: a rogue vigilante Music Director fearlessly curating an eclectic playlist, ignoring explosive internet hype and pushy promoters with German accents. And it’d be a huge box office cross-over summer smash-hit, which is ironic because the award that Radio K’s music director actually won is: Will Never Sell Out, which means that Radio K listeners will never have to sell out either. Thanks, Ross, we’re proud of you.

CMJ is one of the longest running institutions to recognize achievements in college radio, and we are
honored by their recognition of our efforts to serve all of TwinCitiesLand with creative and independent

Sam Segal
Radio K
610 Rarig Center, 330 21st Ave S
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN 55455