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October 2022



Track of the Day: CFCF

Posted on 10/30/2013


CFCF - "Jump Out of the Train"

By: Jerod Greenisen

CFCF is the moniker of Michael Silver who has had a few projects since the last CFCF release in 2009. “Jump Out Of The Train” is available for download below and is the premiere for the full-length Outside. Cleverly crafted and released just one month after his Music For Objects EP, CFCF’s new album is much to be anticipated. Active Child is also featured on this track. 

"Jump Out Of The Train" -

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Track of the Day: Boardwalk

Posted on 10/29/2013


Boardwalk - "High Water"

By Jerod Greenisen

Boardwalk is the collaboration between Mike Edge and Amber Quintero. The two made the album in response to an impromptu road trip they had gone on just before. The video below captures the altered state they felt after the trip. Download “High Water” as well. 

"High Water" -


Tags: track of the day high water radio k kuom university of minnesota free download Boardwalk

Track of the Day: Lissie

Posted on 10/28/2013


Lissie - "The Habit"

“I gotta keep my identity and focus on what I can do,” goes the chorus of “Shameless,” the first single from Lissie’s new album, Back to Forever. “I don’t want to be famous, if I got to be shameless” she sings with equal parts strength and insecurity.

"The Habit"

Tags: radio k kuom university of minnesota lissie track of the day the habit free download

Weekly Release Spotlight: Yuppies

Posted on 10/28/2013





By: Abbie Gobeli & Jerod Greenisen 

"Easy Nights" -

Yuppies have just arrived with the release of this self-titled debut, but their sound comes across as if they have been somewhere for far too long. Yuppies is one of the few albums that seems to be just as unpredictable as it is enjoyable and reckless. Alright, alright we’re going for a ride... whether you like it or not” sings lead vocalist and guitarist Jack Begely. It has only been two tracks and we’re off with Omaha natives, Yuppies. 


Click the Polaroid to see Yuppies in Studio K

Founding members Jack Begley, Kevin Donahue and Noah Sterba came together in 2007 with mutual ambitions to perform live and overcome their teenage boredom.  After touring many Midwestern basements, they added bassist Jeff Sedrel to the line-up in 2010. They have recently signed to Parquet Courts’ Dull Tools record company, and this maybe the start of something great for Yuppies. Although they come across sounding already like seasoned veterans, which they are considering their relentless basement touring, Yuppies won’t get too serious.

You’re never kept feeling too safe as Yuppies love to create crashing guitar riffs only to be discarded seconds later for a soapbox rant and lo-fi rumble. Moving quickly Yuppies will jerk you around to appreciate their general abuse of a guitar’s limitations. “Worms” gets this feeling across right away, positioning Begely absentmindedly punching his way through a verse and then leaving him nearly wailing his last bit. “Easy Nights” is chaotic mess that is layered with Begley’s deep, monotonous voice which adds a simple storytelling element to the frantic environment that erupts in each track.



“I Don’t Know” has the listener asking ‘where are we going’ more times than anyone cares to ask. This track resembles the best part of Yuppies; the breakneck speed at which we are taken through hairpin turns and post-punk noise fervors.   

Check out Yuppies live in Studio K this past week for video and more tracks from their debut album. 

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Track of the Day: Buffalo Sleeper

Posted on 10/25/2013


Buffalo Sleeper - "Greenway"

By: Jerod Greenisen

Buffalo Sleeper is a four piece band from Minneapolis, MN. The band started in 2012 and claims influences from post-punk to mid century pop. Buffalo Sleeper was in for an in-studio not too long ago; click the Polaroid and check that out. The song "Greenway" is available for download below.   

"Greenway" -


Tags: radio k kuom university of minnesota track of the day buffalo sleeper free download

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