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Grizzly Bear @ First Avenue

Posted on 10/3/2012


Grizzly Bear @ First Avenue Mainroom
October 1st, 2012 

On October 1st, the baroque-pop quartet, Grizzly Bear returned to Minneapolis to play a show at First Avenue. Known for their lush orchestrations, lulling melodies, and tight harmonies, Grizzly Bear began their set with just what the crowd expected. The four members quickly sank into their years of gig experience and delivered sheer energy while maintaining precise execution.

Grizzly Bear’s power comes from their ingenuity. This ingenuity was a trait that was explored and showcased in the show. Midway through the set, the band played one of their most epic tunes, “Lullabye”. The juxtaposition of the odd, rhythmic, melodic fragments layered on top of the low shelf drones surely warmed the hearts of the audience. Although the complexity in their music has caused several people’s minds to twist into knots, a concert goer can still nod his or her head to the rhythm.

Above all, the lasting impression that the band made on the crowd was their ability to play different instruments. All four members of Grizzly Bear sang at one point in the set (if not all at the same time). Chis Taylor frequently switched from bass to clarinet to flute and back. Furthermore, Ed Droste switched from autoharp to guitar to omnichord from song to song. Who knows what more this band can do in the future?

All in all, this concert was a fantastic one that consisted of great musicians who were able to fully meld their orchestrations into hum-able pop songs. It was one of the best concerts I’ve witnessed so far and I urge you to attend their concert when they next stop in town.

Written by Ben Chin, Radio K volunteer

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