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Night Moves @ The Icehouse

Posted on 1/28/2013


Night Moves @ First Avenue Mainroom
January 26th, 2013

The Icehouse was packed to the gills on Saturday night for the homecoming of local group Night Moves, a band that received major buzz this last year after signing with Domino Records and rerecording their latest album, Colored Emotions. With so few local bands receiving national buzz in our music scene, it’s refreshing to see these guys getting the widespread attention they deserve and being able to deliver their sultry country-rock sound to audiences outside of Minnesota.

Despite the long, frigid line at the door, attendees were warmed up with local country-rock jammers Red Daughters, a group whose distinctly tight and thumping live sound created the perfect match to Night Moves’ delicate, spacey jams. The openers set a high standard for the night, ripping through a set of heavy, dank country-rock tunes that conjured influences of Cream, The Strokes, and the Allman Brothers. These guys have their live sound down to a science, and not a bluesy guitar lick, organ squelch, or saxophone scream was wasted.

When Night Moves finally took the stage, there was a tender, sentimental feel to the start of their set. It’s been a while since they’ve played in the cities and they’ve never sounded better than this last Saturday night. The bass thumped, the guitars cooed and screamed, and John Pelant’s vocals soared over the mix, sounding as confident (and dare I say “sexy”?) as he’s ever sounded. Blasting through cuts from their record, such as the heavy jammer “Horses” or anthems like “Country Queen” and “Headlights”, these guys have gained tons of confidence but haven’t lost any of their passion and quirkiness. Although they’ve moved past their status as local music staple into a nationally-recognized indie rock band, there aren’t many bands that sound as good with home-court advantage as Night Moves, and the Icehouse on Saturday provided a perfect venue to remember why they made it big in the first place.

Written by Andy Engstrom, Radio K volunteer.

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