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Weekly Release Spotlight: Tara King Th.

Posted on 1/7/2013


Tara King Th.
Uncolored Past (part I & II)

[Moon Glyph]

Leave it to a French group to pull off a wonderfully retro sounding psychedelic pop record. Uncolored Past (part I & II) is actually a compilation of the two EPs that this group put out in 2012. Let's ignore that year for a moment and just pretend that this is a lost gem of space age pop made by a contemporary of artists like Jean-Jacques Perrey or Esquivel. Only tracks like "The Drunk and the Bliss" which prominently feature guitar make this release sound slightly similar to anything we've seen in the post-Stereolab/Broadcast era we've begun semi-recently due to the untimely demise of both of those groups. Comparisons to those two acts shouldn't put one in a box or label them as a clone, but rather serve to indicate that they are the new bearers of the analog psychedelic pop torch; the ones who look to unturned stones of the past for ideas for the future. Both of these EPs are dripping with vintage electric harpsichords and mellotrons, often using them to fill the range usually occupied by a guitar. Bass tones tend to be upfront and punchy. One track even has the drums panned hard left. Fortunately the recordings are not particularly low in fidelity or ancient sounding, so they fill out marvelously when listened to on a good pair of headphones, but I can't help but think they'd sound best on a warped old vinyl that has been resurrected after sitting under a stack of Decca singles produced by Joe Meek for decades. Tara King Th. (the "Th." stands for "theory") have been together since 1999 and until now have maybe received the most attention for an Amps cover they did for a Kim Deal tribute record. We can only hope that these two EPs finally win them the attention they have deserved for years.

Written by Tom Steffes, Radio K volunteer.

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