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Weekly Release Spotlight: King Krule

Posted on 9/30/2013


King Krule

6 Feet Beneath the Moon

XL / True Panther

By: Samantha Sacks

"Border Line" -

I first saw King Krule perform at Pitchfork Music Festival in 2012. He was playing on the Blue Stage as people began trickling into the shaded area. At this point, he was just beginning to receive much recognition for his blues-meets-soul sound and an impressively deep voice. He was barely 17 years old, but Archy Marshall’s performance had lured in many only after a few songs. Many might have been lured in, I know I was, by his exceptional ability to communicate confounding emotional maturity. Earlier that year I remember returning to his November self-titled EP over and over again.


6 Feet Beneath the Moon is Marshall’s first studio LP, and it’s apparent the young musician is no amateur. The album is extremely versatile, as it encompasses aspects of blues, jazz, rap, hip-hop, along with electronic elements, seamlessly throughout. King Krule is also doing more of what lured us to him the first place. King Krule was most noteworthy for his take on blues and soul, but this album definitely suggests that there’s a lot more to his craft. In tracks like, “Neptune Estate,” hip-hop drumbeats become prominent as Archy does a melodic rap. Not unlike some of the more popular hip-hop and rap albums of late an ensemble of horns are featured giving this track that jazz edge that he became so well known for. 6 Feet Below the Moon seems to be an expansion, a reach for something better, and close to something greater.


The album begins with the track, “Easy Easy” which is more reminiscent of his first EP and earlier work. The track is simple yet powerful as it opens with just Marshall’s voice and a repeating bass line. With lyrics like, “Cause if you going through hell, we just keep going,” it only becomes clearer how emotional the song is.


“Has This Hit?” is a more jazz-influenced track with eerie melodies and echo-y guitar effects. Reverbed vocals come in and out making the eerie mood more prominent, yet ethereal. Electronic elements become more prevalent in the track “Foreign 2”. Synths and fast drumbeats make this track a lot more fast paced before it fades out. 


The eeriness continues through the album in the form of layered, effected vocals and melodies that, at times, seem slightly conflicting. One could even describe it as darkwave. The songs also seem to alternate in speed; slower, more eerie bits are followed by fast-paced rhythms, horns, and angrier lyrics. The album shares its extreme moments openly and without restraint much like a teenager going through mood swings. However, it is the finesse by which the listener is brought through motif after motif, that makes 6 Feet Beneath the Moon more a coming of age- less of a tantrum. The last track, “Bathed In Grey,” fades in as it concludes the darker mood of the album. The jazzy piano compliments the high-hat of the hip-hop drumbeat. The track slowly fades out as the jazzy piano melody continues into the expanse. 



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