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Cloud Nothings @ Amsterdam Bar & Hall

Posted on 9/17/2012


Cloud Nothings @ Amsterdam Bar & Hall
September 16th, 2012 

This Sunday show at the Amsterdam Bar provided some intense, visceral energy from the stellar lineup of bands (Cloud Nothings, Bloodnstuff, and Chomp), although somewhat unfit for such a mellow night in the near-empty streets of downtown St. Paul. Nevertheless, each band delivered a tight, walloping set of noisy, guitar-driven tunes that made the audience almost forget they had to wake up for work in the morning.

Chomp, a punk group featuring two members of Cloud Nothings, started off the night with a solid set list of pop-tinged punk rock, laying out a nice groundwork for the rest of the groups. However, Bloodnstuff, a local two-piece, truly kicked the night into high gear, banging out an intense 45-minute set of music off their self-titled LP. The group has been garnering loads of attention from the local music scene in the past year, and it was completely evident during their live show. Judging from the way they can weave through complex mixed-meter math rock and still deliver a fist-pumping hook, these two almost seem to be sharing the same brain. Hearing how full their tunes sound, it’s amazing that all of it is just coming from two guys.

But, the true champs of the night were Cloud Nothings, who delivered a short but powerful set of music. Starting with the song “Fall In”, they hammered through a pulverizing collection of tunes picked from their new Steve Albini-produced record Attack on Memory, an album that has garnered mass critical appeal for their new direction into visceral noise-rock. Grounded by a thumping rhythm section, they tore into each song with raw, razor-like energy, punctuated by distorted guitars and Dylan Baldi’s raw vocals.  Many of the songs were heavy on noisy improvisation and tempo changes, which gave each song a spontaneous and fresh take from what is heard on the record. After performing an encore of older tunes, these guys wrapped up their first ever gig in Minnesota, but hopefully not their last. Judging from the crowd response, I think we will be seeing more from these guys

Written by Andy Engstrom, Radio K volunteer.

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Maps & Atlases @ Amsterdam Bar and Hall

Posted on 6/26/2012


Maps & Atlases at Amsterdam Bar and Hall
June 19th, 2012

After scouring far and wide across the United States, the Beware and Be Careful Tour made their last stop at Amsterdam Bar and Hall on Wednesday, June 20th. I personally have never been to this venue and was absolutely floored by the three openers.  Three-piece Minneapolis band, Youth At Large kicked off the night followed by Chicago’s Suns.  
The Big Sleep kept the crowd awake and heads nodding to their fast beats. “You Can’t Touch the Untouchable” catches you off guard with its periodic four beat measures of silences that trick you into thinking the song is over, but The Big Sleep always picks up right where they left off like they never even stopped.  After they initially ended their set, the audience applauded them back for one more song.  “Brown Beauty,” an instrumental hooks you with a thumping bass and the ascending guitar lines provide a steel-cut whine that rang overhead.  
Maps and Atlases trekked across a great selection from both their new album and previous work.  Early on there was a malfunctioning microphone, but the audience happily filled in with the lyrics and thunderous cheers. Lead singer, Dave Davison looking like a young Allen Ginsberg with his long hair, beard, and thick black rimmed glasses couldn’t help but smile.  The microphone was quickly fixed and Maps and Atlases proceeded to throw us “Daily News,” “The Most Trustworthy Tin Cans,” and “Vampires.” The crowd was swaying along and there was even some head banging to my surprise. One couldn’t stop whipping his blonde hair back and forth.  It’s enthralling to watch them assemble their complex time signatures and rhythmic structures. Erin Elders, guitarist rapidly taps along the neck of the guitar all the way to the pick-up.
Davison’s descending vocals have a slight scratchy texture that soars above the instrumentation especially in “Old and Gray.”

Written by Abbie Gobeli, Radio K volunteer

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