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The Onion / The AV Club's final show @ Hell's Kitchen

Posted on 7/10/2012


The Onion / The A.V. Club's final show: Bollywood, Spacewaves, Fire in the Northern Firs, and Flavor Crystals @ Hell's Kitchen
June 30th, 2012 

Indiesoup presented The Onion and The A.V. Club’s last sponsored show at Hell’s Kitchen on Saturday, June 30th. Local duo, Bollywood launched in their artfully crafted rock complete with guitar, bass, and electronic haze with “could-woulda” and “Meta”.  They were accompanied by their imaginative projections of the media on chunky television sets circa 1990s complete with VCR. Up next, Portland, Oregon brought Spacewaves that was memorable for their amped up guitars that sent vibrations through the floor of Hell’s Kitchen that served essential to the fuzzy afterthoughts that eased the transitions with each played selection. In addition, the female-fronted, Fire in the Northern Firs sang in the microphone turned household phone created a reverbant film covering her voice. One audience member added his sweet Michael Jackson styled moonwalk with carefully calculated steps in front of the stage. Flavor Crystals ended the night with whirling guitars overlapping the gentle “Ha-ahs” of the vocals luring the audience closer to the stage with “Ivan in the Park” and “Mirror Chop.”

Written by Abbie Gobeli, Radio K volunteer

Tags: the onion the av club hell's kitchen review