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Black Keys and Arctic Monkeys @ the Target Center

Posted on 5/17/2012


Black Keys and Arctic Monkeys @ The Target Center
May 15th, 2012 

It was a night of showmanship last night at the Target Center. The Arcitc Monkeys opened for headliner, The Black Keys, and wouldn’t let a soul sit down – not that they wanted to. In fact, just as my mom tried to take a seat, frontman Alex Turner introduced “Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair”. That seemed to be the theme throughout the night, as Turner and the Monkeys’ incredible stage presence – complete with spins, dives, and knee-slides – preceded a remarkable show from The Black Keys. It’s easy to forget that the Keys have such a vast repertoire, but we were swiftly reminded as they gracefully swan-dove in and out of their first five releases, occasionally surfacing to play some hits from their most recent albums, Brothers and El Camino. As they closed their set with “Lonely Boy”, I was speechlessly glad to be able to see and participate in a 15,000-person semi-choreographed dance taken straight from the music video for the song. After a teasingly long absence, singer and guitarist Dan Auerbach, and drummer Pat Carney returned to the stage to finish with three tracks, ending in a guitar-shredding, extended rendition of “I Got Mine” off of their 2008 album, Attack & Release. I believe I speak for the entire arena when I say I left with a strong feeling of satisfaction at their performance. Bravo, boys.

Written by Alex Dziura, Radio K Communications Manager

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Grouplove @ The Varsity

Posted on 5/16/2012


Grouplove and Reptar @ The Varsity Theater
May 16th, 2012 

Tuesday night's Grouplove show at the Varsity was an indicator of a band rapidly gaining steam. Their last appearance here, also at the Varsity, was only 8 months ago and had, as frontman Christian Zucconi remarked during the show, "probably 100 people" at it. Their debut full-length, Never Trust a Happy Song, had only been released a month earlier. The track "Tongue Tied" went to be featured in an iPod commercial and gained heavy rotation on various radio stations. The group was more than happy to let other members take the spotlight at various points during the set, playing the raucous "Spun" sung by guitarist Andrew Wessen (who was playing a 10-string ukelele), and "Chloe" sung by bassist Sean Gadd. The set closed with "Slow" which saw the band flex their upgraded budget that has come along with their increased popularity, utilizing colorful glowing microphone stands for each member and pulsing strobe lights. It was no surprise that the encore featured the aforementioned song that many came to see, "Tongue Tied", which sparked a substantial response from this new fanbase. It was during this encore that Zucconi hastily splashed his mug with some dark blue facepaint before appropriately launching in to what has become the group's signature song, "Colours". After now having seen them twice I can say with confidence that there aren't many bands around that display the enthusiasm and infectious positive energy that Grouplove are overflowing with. Catch them next time you can, but beware, I predict it'll be at a larger venue with a steeper price because they show no signs of slowing down.

Written by Tom Steffes, Radio K Volunteer

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