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Track of the Day: The Darcys

Posted on 10/7/2013


The Darcys - "The River"

By: Jerod Greenisen

Toronto art-rockers, The Darcys, are just killing it on this new single. Check out "The River" available for download below. This is their third album and final installment in the conceptual trilogy. Recently they have released a number of short films to accompany their songs; you can watch one of them below. 

"The River"


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Weekly Release Spotlight: Volcano Choir

Posted on 9/16/2013

"Comrade" -

Volcano Choir



By Jared Hemming


The most powerful element of Repave is it’s turbulence, lack of repetitive order, and surprising swells.

With Volcano Choir’s second album, Repave, songwriter and vocalist Justin Vernon accomplishes the rare feat of quality rising above quantity.  No short order considering that, from the time the creative force behind Bon Iver splashed across endless blogs with For Emma, Forever Ago in 2008, the barrage of content that’s arrived since includes: a second album (and Grammy award) for Bon Iver, collaborations with Kanye West, Anaïs Mitchell, Gayngs, The Shouting Matches, The Eau Claire Memorial Jazz I Ensemble, a hilarious erotic series, and, of course, Volcano Choir’s debut: Unmap.


For this sophomore effort as Volcano Choir, Vernon once again calls pals (and fellow Wisconsinites) Collections of Colonies of Bees for another round. This time to record a soulful batch of tunes soaked in Vernon’s rich baritone. Though artists in similar alt-folk/indie rock molds may have attempted something more bona fide to the genera; Volcano Choir have clearly avoided some acoustic-guitar swells, strained vocals, and winding legatos that have defined other artists this year. Instead, they opt for varied and expansive sound-scapes and occasional surprises to include both acoustic and jarring electric guitars, swirls and blips of synthesizer and electric piano, an ocean-bottom bass and deep waves of splashing, powerful percussion. The most powerful element of Repave is it’s turbulence, lack of repetitive order, and surprising swells. 

Though at times clarity can be difficult to discern from complicated lyricism and the spontaneity of composition, Repave positions Vernon on the horizon of a mature voyage still propelled by urgency and mystery. Take, for example, in “Acetate,” when he sings “you found me on the beach, I was resting there for weeks/I will never cauterize, I will never fortify/I wonder if I’ve recovered now.” Recording double-tracked vocals, Vernon sings these words as though he is in an argument with himself, having just realized a pain and hoping he’s finally awoken from it.


Aside from “Acetate,” highlights from Repave include the album-opener “Tiderays,” the glossy, synth-tinged “Comrades,” and the brooding, reflective “Byegone,” in which Vernon looks back on a lively youth as a professional musician on the road. Told through stunning imagery and a tone that attempts to find definition somewhere within the confusing distortion that reminiscence and nostalgia provide. When he cries “hold keys to a Cuban flight you won’t ever ride/…Set sail!,” Vernon can’t decide if he feels removed from his life, defined in the public eye, or if he chooses to embrace the success he’s had. Either way, the rewards from Vernon’s unrelenting productivity extend into Repave; where the awe of nature and the inner conflict of introspection can complement each other to make something beautiful.

Volcano Choir will be playing in Minneapolis on Friday, October 18th, at the First Avenue Mainroom.



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Track of the Day: Meursault

Posted on 9/12/2013


"Crank Resolutions" -

Meursault - "Crank Resolutions"

Throwback Thursdays! Meursault is a Scottish electric folk band that released the album All the Creatures Will Make Merry back in 2010. The track "Crank Resolutions" is a deeply tortured cut off that record featuring some of the most melodic pitter-pattering rhythms and electronic instrumentation and a gnarled fuzz of guitar. It's available for free download and be sure to check out the live performance from BBC Radio.


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Track of the Day: Destruction Unit

Posted on 9/11/2013


"The World On Drugs" -

Destruction Unit - "The World on Drugs"

Destruction Unit are a band from Arizona. Destruction Unit play loud rock music. Destruction Unit have recorded a long playing record. Destruction Unit think you should buy it. It is morphine boogie for the 21st century noise addict. A spiritual odyssey of sadomasochistic self-loathing with songs about love and freedom.

Tags: radio k kuom university of minnesota Destruction Unit The World on Drugs free download streaming

Track of the Day: Ski Lodge

Posted on 9/10/2013


Ski Lodge - "Just To Be Like You"

The one exception is the lead single "Just To Be Like You," which was recorded with the full band in Upstate New York using producer Kevin McMahon (Walkmen, Real Estate). Prefix Mag called the track "sugary sweet pop," while Pitchfork warned its readers not to "be deceived by the energetic, hopscotching riff" before lauding the single's dark depths. The song and its accompanying video of cult imagery are an exploration of contrast that fits in perfectly with both the album and Ski Lodge as a whole: deeply affecting and unmistakably danceable.

"Just To Be Like You" -

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Track of the Day: Ariel Pink & Jorge Elbrecht

Posted on 9/9/2013


Ariel Pink and Jorge Elbrecht - "Hang on to Life"

Ariel Pink's new inspiration is dogs. Check out the video below for the song "Hold on to Life" which is a collaboration with Jorge Elbrecht of Violens/Lansing Dreiden. This song is also available for free download and is streaming below, but be sure not to play this too loud at the dog-run; Pink has some interesting metaphors on this one. 

"Hold on to Life" -



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Track of the Day: Step Rockets

Posted on 9/6/2013


Step Rockets - "Kisser"

Step Rockets are Off The Record's most recent local spotlight. Stay tuned to Radio K for video from their In-Studio. Step Rockets is an indie rock band exploring psychedelia, modern hooks, and worldly grooves. Check out their track "Kisser" for free download below. 

"Kisser" -

Tags: radio k kuom university of minnesota track of the day kisser step rockets free download streaming otr off the record local music

Track of the Day: Jon Hopkins (FT Purity Ring)

Posted on 9/5/2013


"Breath This Air" (FT Purity Ring)

Jon Hopkins - "Breath This Air" (FT Purity Ring)

Jon Hopkins just released an amazing album this summer, and now we have a remix with one of our favorites- Purity Ring. Lofty, yet sharp, whipping, and spontaneous instrumentation joined with Megan James' (Purity Ring) innocent and whimsical charm; "Breathe This Air" is a much appreciated addition to the year. This track is streaming below. Check out more from Purity Ring & Jon Hopkins collaborative relationship below as well.

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