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Posts tagged "triple rock"

The Raveonettes @ Triple Rock Social Club

Posted on 9/30/2012

The Raveonettes @ First Avenue Mainroom
September 26th, 2012 

The Triple Rock was absolutely packed. It took a solid 5 minutes of effort to get from the merch table to the side of the stage. As the lights dimmed before the band came out, the crowd started passing out earplugs. The twin Fender Reverb amps were emblazoned with "RAVE ON" next to the matching guitars.

Aside from constant strobe of the lights, the concert was by no means a rave. However, Danish Indy-rockers, The Raveonettes, did deliver a great show stacked with tracks off of their latest album, Observator. They started the night off with a ear pummeling performance of "Sinking with the Sun" and "Hallucinations". As the show progressed they dropped the strobe lights and opted for an acoustic guitar for some of their softer tracks. Their live rendition of "The Enemy" was even more intimate and powerful fading out to thunderous applause and cheers from the crowd.

Melody Echo Chamber opened with a delicate mix of spacious hip-hop beats and slow crooning vocals.

Written by Alex Breyfogle, Radio K volunteer

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Animal Kingdom @ Triple Rock Social Club

Posted on 8/9/2012


Animal Kingdom @ Triple Rock Social Club
August 4th, 2012 

It was a quiet night in Cedar-Riverside on Saturday. Most of the action was happening in Downtown or on the U of M West Bank Campus for Fringe Festival. But inside the Triple Rock was a modest band of three British gentlemen just thrilled to be touring in America for their first time. Animal Kingdom headlined for pop folksy six-piece, Royal Teeth. Both bands having played Lollapalooza the day before, you wouldn’t expect them to be so glad to play the Triple Rock in Minneapolis, Minnesota for about a hundred people. But if they felt any disappointment, no one knew. Royal Teeth began by getting the crowd in the mood for dancing, and Animal Kingdom took it over the top. The floor flooded with feet for the headliner as they took the stage. Beginning with a couple of songs from their first release, Signs and Wonders, the band warmed up to the Minnesota-nice vibe of an exceptionally encouraging audience. And the encouragement showed through in the unabashedly wide smile of lead singer, Rich Sauberlich, after every song ended in an eruption of applause. Continuing into songs from their most recent release, The Looking Away, the energy in the room did nothing but climb. When they introduced “Get Away With It”, which has gotten air play in the Twin Cities, the crowd was more than ready to dance to such a familiar tune. Finally, as Animal Kingdom ended their set with the highly anticipated single “Strange Attractor” off the new album, there wasn’t a still foot on the floor. Finishing with a flourish, the guys each took turns hopping off the stage, and eagerly heading straight back to the merchandise table to greet fans. So in quiet Cedar-Riverside on Saturday night, there was really nothing but greatness. Great music, great guys, and great experiences. Undoubtedly worth checking out next time they come back from across the pond!

Written by Alex Dziura, Radio K volunteer

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King Tuff @ Triple Rock Social Club

Posted on 7/26/2012


King Tuff with Jaill @ Triple Rock Social Club
July 17th, 2012 

In the familiar venue of the Triple Rock, a moderate crowd mingles for an early show. Milwaukee natives, Jaill, brought the energy up with tracks from their latest release "Traps".  A notable few die-hard Jaill fans were right next to me providing most of the crowds' headbanging on 'Waste A Lot Of Things' and 'Everyone's a Bitch'.  The later song dedicated to all the women in the crowd, and with a slight chuckle the tunes kept sweeping by.

In between sets the audience shuffles around quite a bit gaining much strength for the much anticipated upcoming performance.  A crew of guys get on stage and take position in front of a large tapestry with "King Tuff" painted on in their artsy font, as seen on their self titled album cover.  These guys have the appearance of Wavves with their "give no you-know-whats" attitude but with a lurking shadiness. Not long into their first song something of a meek mosh pit has started amongst a handful of guys, however as tracks like "Anthem", "Keep On Moving", and "Bad Thing" play a larger portion of the floor becomes washed with a jumping mass of energy.  These ram-shackled garage rockers swept the audience with their rad jams and it was an energy that could not be matched for a Tuesday evening show that clocked in by 10pm.

Written by Jenny Ackerson, Radio K volunteer

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The Duke Spirit @ Triple Rock Social Club

Posted on 6/13/2012


The Duke Spirit @ Triple Rock Social Club
June 10th, 2012 

“Come closer Minneapolis, we didn’t drive 27 hours for you to stay away,” beckoned Liela Moss, lead singer of The Duke Spirit as she stormed on stage at the Triple Rock Social Club on June 10th.  Instantly, the audience obeyed and swarmed to the edge of the stage to the guitar rattling “Procession.”

Hacienda was originally slated to open but unfortunately cancelled earlier that day.  Three hours prior to the show opening, local Minneapolis band, The Color Pharmacy swooped in curing the absent opener slot.   The Duke Spirit brought forth an eclectic mix of tracks from their three albums including the fiery “Glorious” and the tambourine infused “Neptune’s Call.”

Moss commanded the energy of the room moving the crowd with her microphone stand waving it about like a female Gandalf, but with much better fashion sense. Her spotted jumper was cleverly equipped with a cape that she frequently fanned out like a superhero that had jumped out from the framed panels of a comic book.  “You Were Born Inside My Heart” mesmerized the audience to sway side to side along with Liela Moss and the hypnotic, thumping bass line.  Relentless vigor with no pauses is what The Duke Spirit embodies making their performance a necessity to see.

Written by Abbie Gobeli, Radio K volunteer

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