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Velvet Negroni
Neon Brown
Apr 06, 2019

Music for the Masses: A Depeche Mode Tribute Night

Music for the Masses: A Depeche Mode Tribute Night

Apr 06th 9:00 pm - 11:55 pm
Loring Bar


If you've gone to any of our dance parties, you have likely heard one or multiple Depeche Mode songs blasting into a packed dancefloor, the crowd cheering and singing along. We are shamelessly obsessed with this band and have been wanting to do this from the day the first Dark Energy event happened in 2016.

Featuring old + new hits, underrated obscuries, and deeper cuts and remixes.

+ All VHS visuals from various Depeche Mode music video + live performance releases

Grant Mayland
DIE/ASPORA (Debute set)

PS - Feel free to post any requests on this page – This wouldn’t be a tribute night if all the fans don’t get to hear their favorites!

$5 presales, $7 at the door

Please respend boundaries and consent at this event. Thank you!