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SKSW Guest Blog: Black Diet pt.3

Mar - 15 - 14
"Point is, I wasn’t ready for the day. But it was a good day. I skipped a shower and headed down to Holy Mountain. Cause we had a show there. Our first ever show at SXSW. Not nervous at all. Not sho ...

SKSW Guest Blog: Actual Wolf pt.2

Mar - 15 - 14
Revelation, Madness & Improvisation

SKSW Guest Blog: Black Diet pt.2

Mar - 15 - 14
"Note: If you split up with your friends at SXSW, even for a moment, you will never see them again. The smoke monster will take them to the Hype Hotel, and they’ll have to live out their lives danci ...

SKSW Guest Blog: Crash Bandits

Mar - 14 - 14
"A dude in only his underwear got in a fight with a group of guys right outside of our venue, 6th st is awesome."

SKSW Guest Blog: Chatham Rise pt.2

Mar - 14 - 14
Chatham Rise recounts the trials and tribulations of lines, badges>wristbands, and seeing a lot of great music (including Ghostt with Sean Lennon)

SKSW Guest Blog: The Cloak Ox pt.2

Mar - 14 - 14
The Cloak Ox updates on the Totally Gross National Product Showcase & spot Macaulay Culkin eating pizza. Also, Andrew Broder goes gaga for DJ Rashad

SKSW Guest Blog: The Blind Shake

Mar - 14 - 14
The Blind Shake's bald heads meet their fate.

SKSW Guest Blog: Black Diet

Mar - 13 - 14
Black Diet *feels* the 18 hour drive down 35 & falls in love w/ a girl in a Radio K shirt. Their word of advice: RSVP

SKSW Guest Blog: Actual Wolf

Mar - 13 - 14
Actual Wolf meets & greets & rides a bicycle.

SKSW Guest Blog: Chatham Rise

Mar - 13 - 14
Chatham Rise narrowly escapes using a bucket as a kick drum, and catch Debbie Harry w/ the Dum Dum Girls