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June 2022



Nov - 05 - 13
tuesdays instudio inferno


Nov - 04 - 13
We know Mondays are ruff, but music makes it better. Here is the playlist from today =]

Episode 5

Nov - 03 - 13
Special teams and defense lead the way to victory.

Aghast Into Silence By His Own Noise

Nov - 03 - 13
WOO DOGGY did we have ourselves a burner of a show this week! Started off with a song by Angles that truly made me convulse in agonizing joy the first time I heard it.

Episode 40

Nov - 02 - 13
New music for tonight's show featured a track from Brendan Canning's (of Broken Social Scene Fame) "You Gots 2 Chill"

Folksy Morning

Nov - 02 - 13
Mountain Connection October, 27th, 2013.


Nov - 02 - 13
This episode of Those Meddling Kids, we decided to get spooky!

Hippity Hop

Nov - 02 - 13
This week Madeline rode solo on the airwaves giving you guys a look into UK Hip Hop, but not before paying tribute to The Velvet Underground founder and music legend Lou Reed.