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Acre Memos
A Collection of Bird Songs
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October 2022


EP 136: Fantasy Expansion Extravaganza

Aug - 30 - 22
In their first episode back from a summer podcasting hiatus, Jason, Matthew, and Mae attempt to make sense of a hectic MLB pennant race. The three also discuss numerous happenings relating to the real ...


Aug - 26 - 22

Appalachian Road Show

Aug - 25 - 22

White Line Darko

Aug - 19 - 22

PENDANT on 'Rites of Spring' by Rites of Spring

Aug - 19 - 22
We had PENDANT in for a discussion on Rites of Spring's self-titled work.

Maya Marchelle

Aug - 18 - 22
Maya Marchelle joins the Vanguard and talks about everything from her song and book "Hey Pretty" to the hard work behind her newest project "Trap Evangelist."


Aug - 12 - 22
In this episode of Local Vibes, Zodiak talks about pushing his artistry to the limit, building community through soundcloud and his favorite cartoon characters.