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The Bro Show

May 18, 2014

Tonight we are focusing on a group of individuals that often get a bad rep – bros. We are giving them the respect they deserve, paying tribute to the things they love with three exciting stories from three producers in this week’s special instalment. Amy Friedman tries her hands at wrestling, Katie Bolin looks at dance music culture in the Twin Cities, and Matthew Curtis explores homosexuality within sports.

The Bro Show


The Bro Show



Amy Friedman

Back during the 1950’s to early 1980s, before the WWE, the country was divided into different wrestling territories with different promoters in each territory.  The midwest was under the AWA, the American Wrestling Association, with Minnesota Man, Verne Ganye running the show.  He transformed figures like Hulk Hogan, Jesse Ventura, and countless others into pro wrestling stars, famous around the nation.  After the WWE took over these territories, the AWA dissolved.  Producer Amy Friedman looks at where that left the Minnesota wrestling scene as she speaks to fans divided between eras- one remembering the past, and another looking towards the future.

Amy Friedman - Wrestling

Katie Bolin

When’s the last time you hit the club for a night full of dance? Last week, or perhaps never in your entire life. Producer Katie Bolin talks with two very different local male DJs to see what kinds of music they spin to make people move across the Twin Cities.

Katie Bolin - Bro Dance

Matthew Curtis

It’s not hard to find someone wearing a Twins cap or a Vikings jersey anywhere in the Twin Cities. Sports are an adored aspect of Minnesotan and American culture, but unlike like any other cultural aspect of the state, it is desperately lagging in gay equality. I explore this issue and its multifaceted effects within sporting society in a story taken from last year.

Matthew Curtis - Homosexuality in Sport -