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The Comic Show

May 14, 2015

This week, instead of studying for all those classes we’re in, we’re taking a break, putting our feet up and reading some comics. The colorful, eventful, suspenseful print media that has reflected American culture since the Great Depression. Although our cherished superheroes lost popularity in the middle of the 20th Century, blockbuster movies, A-list actors and special effects have revived the genre in ways that couldn’t have been conceived in the 1930s. So let’s dive into the action.

The Comic Show


The Comics Show


CQ_comics.pngAmy Friedman

There's nothing particularly manly about reading comics, playing board games, or gasping just a little too audibly when someone plays the black lotus in magic cards.  Yet still, nerd culture feels like it's always been a guy's club.  However, Producer Amy Friedman dives into a history that tells a very different story.  Not only have comics not always been a guy's thing, but Friedman interviews one all girls comic book club to see how women are fighting today's nerd misogyny with a POW.

Aaron Bolton

When it comes to super heroes, America is in love. But as movies like the Avengers: Age of Ultron pull in 85 Million on opening day, are the sources, Actual physical comics, of these stories benefiting? Are people still willing to put time and money into an aging American pastime? Aaron Bolton has more.

Mitch Skinner

If you were to ask someone which superheroes first come to mind, I’m guessing Batman would be either first or second on that list. Billionaire Bruce Wayne’s alter ego has been reinterpreted countless times in print, television and movies, but how does Batman transfer from page to stage, we’ll find out with former producer and host Mitch Skinner.