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Cultural Fusion with Helado Negro

Mar 18, 2015

This week we had the special opportunity to speak with Helado Negro, a multicultural artist coming to the Ordway Theatre looking to expose the Twin Cities to his fusion of cultures and sounds. We explore the themes of national identity, dance, bilingualism and song composition in this special episode of Culture Queue.

Cultural Fusion with Helado Negro


Cultural Fusion with Helado Negro




Amy Friedman

Our culture informs our art, but for some of us, it's less clear exactly what our culture is.  It seems simpler when you only come from one place- either someone is American, or Ecuadorian, or European- but in our first story Amy Friedman look at the history of the tango to see how even our national identities can be confusing.

Marcheta Fornoff

In our next story, past producer Marcheta Fornoff looks at how America's baseball players came to be bilingual, except one of the languages they use to communicate with is completely silent.  Marcheta Fornoff reports.

Aaron Bolton

Music these days seems to be segmenting further and further into every small corner and niche in existence, and noise music hides in one of those corners. It's a genre of music that seems to be all about perception, rather than structure, but producer Aaron Bolton looks at some of the principles behind a noise artist's song construction.