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Don't Burn Out

May 13, 2014

During finals week we can feel ourselves wearing down. Maybe you haven’t had a decent meal in a while, or you’ve been stuck inside for weeks, cramming in the sub-basement of a library, and life may feel like one big drone. We’re here to help. Amy Friedman takes a bite out of the cuisine that the Twin Cities has to offer, with only a student budget to spend, Katie Bolin visits Como Park Zoo to explore the beauty of Japanese gardens, and Nathan Gerdes listens to drone music and discovers what one particular band has to offer. Nailah Tahman brings us the Weekly Release Spotlight, Black Diet's 'Find Your Tambourine.'

Don't Burn Out


Don't Burn Out



Amy Friedman

Instant ramen noodles have forever been the college staple. Throw in frozen pizzas, a few trips to McDonald's and maybe some Gatorade, and you have a complete college diet.   Spending money on high quality food is just not a priority for most students, but a little secret among Minneapolis foodies is that it doesn't have to be. Producer Amy Friedman brings you your guide to eating the best and freshest of the Twin Cities on a budget.

Amy Friedman - College Foodies

Katie Bolin

What’s the first image that comes to mind when you hear the word “garden”? Lush and colorful flowers, freshly cut grass, or strategically placed rocks among a tea house? Producer Katie Bolin paid a visit to the Japanese garden at St. Paul’s Como Park Zoo and Conservatory to explore the history and modern day relevance of Japanese gardens in America.

Katie Bolin - Japanese Gardens

Nathan Gerdes

There exists music that seeks to find the weight in empty space. They find the beauty in the emptiness between notes, and the fullness that these notes provide. Music Reporter Nathan Gerdes drones on about drone band Sunn in this Culture Queue music fundamental.

Nathan Gerdes - Drone Music