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Feline Time

Jun 02, 2015

This week, we’re adopting, feeding, grooming, caring for and being ignored by our cats. Yes, this week’s show is all about our feline friends as we try to keep up with the internet’s obession with the moody yet adorable household pets. I don’t think any of the producers at the show actually have a cat, but we’ll make the best of it regardless. Marjorie Otto attends a cat show, to find out the hows and whys of pet pageantry, I produce a feline themed soundscope and former producer Kate Bolin estimates the true cost of owning and caring for a pet.

Feline Time


Feline Time



Marjorie Otto

The phrase "cat show" may lead some to think of the stereotypical "crazy cat person". In her story, Marjorie Otto shows that cat shows can be something of an educational experience, bringing out the "crazy cat person" in all of us.

Matthew Curtis

Host Matthew Curtis present a audio spectacle on the topic of cats despite having no actual experience with the animals. It's inaccurate but pretty entertaining.

Katie Bolin

A house. 2 kids. A dog and a car. Maybe some of the criteria of the American dream have changed since the 1950s, but owning a dog hasn’t. However, what happens when an owner, for any number of reasons, doesn’t have the means to cover the high costs of a vet bill? Producer Katie Bolin explores two different ways pets owners in need can find help.