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The Final Frontier

Apr 26, 2015

This week, we’re conquering the final frontier. We’re pointing our microphones towards the heavens tonight in our special space edition of Culture Queue. We will learn the mysteries of the skies above us while being brought back down to earth through the lens of the Twin Cities. Newly appointed producer Maxxx Fuller packs his bags and prepares to move way way way upstate, Jared Hemming plays us the soundtrack of the place with no sound, and Noel Clark looks up at the stars from his campsite.

The Final Frontier


Culture Queue



Max Fuller

Although we may not be living like The Jetsons quite yet, mankind had finally reached a point technologically that we can venture out into the cosmos.  Reporter Max Fuller has got the scoop on the future of space exploration.

Jared Hemming

Although there is no sound in space, that hasn't stopped thousands of artists being inspired by the skies. Volunteer reporter Jared Hemming presents his soundscope to space.

Noel Clark

In 2007, the Minnesota department of natural resources wanted to know why people in Minnesota were spending less time outdoors? They found 3 problems. People lack the skills, equipment and the time to venture out into the wilderness. To address this the DNR created the ICAN producer. Former producer spent a day in the woods with the ICAN campers.