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In Fitness and In Health

Feb 25, 2015

This week, we’re exploring the ins and outs of fitness. When something bad happens a cliché that is often uttered goes something along the lines of “at least we have our health,” illustrating the importance of wellbeing above all else. In this day and age we’re making an effort to keep our spirits wholesome, eat healthily and keep fit. Amy Friedman looks at the modern world’s take on yoga, Noel Clark talks to a hardworking health organization and Katie Bolin rides with the Minnesota bikers.

In Fitness and In Health


In Fitness and In Health



Amy Friedman

Everyone and everyone's cool mom knows that yoga is big. It's not just for hippies anymore and with 90 dollar lululemon yoga pants and new luxury LA yoga studios, even the great Yogananda might start to feel a little self-conscious about his downward dog. Producer Amy Friedman talks to some yoga purists to answer the question, when did yoga and relaxation become so stressful?

Katie Bolin

Minneapolis finally has something else to be famous for besides its frigid temperatures. From the sprawling miles of bike trails to the on-street bikeways, Minneapolis has earned its position as one of the top 5 biking cities in the country. But what makes a city a top biking city? Katie Bolin has the story.

Noel Clark

Fresh local, sustainable. These ideals have become the corners of many markets and food coops. For vegans and vegetarians, sometimes those choices can be limited. Former producer Noel Clark spoke with an organisation who is trying to trying to change that.