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From the Ground Up

Mar 01, 2015

This week, we’re finding entertainment at the grassroots. In the age of the internet, audiences for our work have never been more available. Whether you’re make YouTube videos with your old high school friends or you have a Soundcloud with demos of your songs recorded with an iPhone, this is the age for everyone. Tonight we hear stories of people following their passions from the ground up. Matt Curtis speaks to students at the U premiering their latest theater production, Aaron Bolton listens to local independent bands and Amy Friedman gets sold on student entrepreneurs.

From the Ground Up


From the Ground Up


Matthew Curtis

This weekend saw the premier of the theatre department’s production of 7 Dwarfs, one of Minnesota playwright Kevin Kling’s first endeavors. Not only was it the start of its week-long run here in the Rarig Center, a few floor below Radio K, but it is the first time the play will be returning home in 26 years. Matthew Curtis spoke to some of the actors and Mr. Kling himself about the anticipated homecoming of 7 Dwarfs.

Amy Friedman

Around this time of year, most students are beginning to worry about finding a job after graduation. But for some, it's not about who is going to give them a job, it's about what job they are going to create. Producer Amy Friedman looks at exactly what it takes to be a student entrepreneur at the U.

Aaron Bolton

Independent bands are a growing breed in the music industry but this DIY approach is much more than just making good music. Music reporter Aaron Bolton takes a look behind the music into the business aspects of being an independent band.