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The Imitation Game

Apr 10, 2015

This week, we’re playing the imitation game. We explore what it is to be someone you’re not, whether it be in the limelight of Hollywood, in the realm of internet aliases, and in the dubious reality of reality TV shows. Matt Curtis speaks to a student at the U who tried his hand at the pop life, new volunteer Jared Hemming reflects on the sights of sounds of Hollywood, and Todd Crotty finds his 15 minutes of fame at America’s Got Talent.

The Imitation Game


The Imitation Game



Matt Curtis

You can be as hip as you like listening to Radio K, the coolest college radio station in the nation but we all know you have a place in your heart for N*Sync. There catchy hooks and sick beats have stood the test of time, and the legend of the boyband of a generation lives on, in one peculiar way. I spoke to a student at the U of M who is reviving the heart and spirit of everyone’s favourite N*Sync member, Joey Fatone.

Jared Hemming

Hollywood was once just a small housing community but has blossomed to be a synonym for America’s multibillion dollar film industry. Its development over the last century stands as an acute representation of the advancements in technology, diversity and entertainment the country has seen. New volunteer Jared Hemming brings us a Soundscope on the sights of and sounds of Tinsel Town.

Todd Crotty

In 1968 When Andy Warhol prophesized that in the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes, I doubt he had any idea of the impact of reality television on pop culture. More than ever, reality shows fill TV listings, on topics such as home improvement, car towing companies and pawn shops. Sorry, I pronounce PAWN porn so it causes a lot of weird confusion. Anyway, former producer Todd Crotty went to find his 15 minutes of fame at America’s Got Talent’s stop in Minneapolis.