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Minnesota and the Media

Apr 06, 2014

Our society is driven by media, and this week we’re indulging in it and appreciating what Minneapolis and St-Paul have to offer on a given weekend. Amy Friedman tries to sing karaoke, Matt Curtis visits a thriving film festival, and Parker Lemke learns about the significance of one of the most revered comic book heroes.

Minnesota and the Media


Minnesota & the Media





Amy Friedman (1:50)

In the past couple of years, Korean culture has gone global with a worldwide trend called 'Haiyu'. You may not understand what they are saying, but who can help falling in love with the Korean boy band 'BigBang', not to mention 'Super Junior'. And chances are that your friends made you dance to Gangnam Style at some point in the last year. Now, producer Amy Friedman reports on another part of this trend that brings you one step closer to living out your K pop fantasies.

Matt Curtis (11:20)

Now in its 33rd year, the Minneapolis-St Paul International Film Festival, is the biggest it’s ever been, and using its influence to ignite a love of film in Minnesota through inclusivity, the embrace of unfamiliar cultures and media, and the support of the often overlooked Minneapolis scene. Matt Curtis dropped by the box office to see what all the fuss was about.

Parker Lemke (17:00)

Fiction is often seen as a medium used for escaping the real world. But creative works are not all about giving us a shelter from everyday life. Culture Queue Reporter Parker Lemke attended a casting event at the Mall of America to talk to comic fans about how one iconic web-swinging superhero has impacted their lives, and lives of those around them.