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The Other Realm

Jun 24, 2015

This week, we’re exploring the other realm. That’s right, we’re setting up our Ouija boards, buy cloves of garlic and traveling to the most mysterious places in the twin cities for a look at some urban legends. Lock all your doors, keep the lights on and listen to Aaron Bolton’s venture to Gray Cloud Island, Patrick Sharkey’s soundscope of spookiness and Max fuller’s ghost hunt.

The Other Realm


The Other Realm



Aaron Bolton

Urban legends, those stories passed down from friend to friend, the internet and beyond They're a dime a dozen. Every town seems to have one, but how do these places attract those stories? Why is this place haunted and while another isn’t? Maybe it’s the history, maybe it’s the unanswered questions. Reporter Aaron Bolton tries to find out why Gray Cloud Island has attracted so many tall tales over the years.


Maxxx Fuller


In movies and television shows like Paranormal Activity and Ghost Hunters, we've seen the age old story of man vs ghost. But how does that story play out in real life?  Reporter Maxxx Fuller followed around real life ghost busters at the Twin Cities Paranormal Society to find out.