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November 2021




Jun - 24 - 22

Love, Ulysses

Jun - 21 - 22
Love, Ulysses joins us for this episode of Local Vibes, where he explains the origin of his name, the process of creating 10 “2Packs” and new projects he’s been working on.

Oscar and the Wolf

Jun - 20 - 22

Pit Stop

Jun - 17 - 22

Casey Retrospective

Jun - 14 - 22
Say goodbye to our former Host/Managing editor Casey McCabe by listening to some of his favorite pieces from his time here at Real College Podcast!

Prairie Clamor

Jun - 10 - 22

EP 134: Carousel of Coaches

Jun - 07 - 22
Description: In this week's episode, Matthew, Jason, and Mae discuss the recent firing of Philadelphia Phillies manager Joe Girardi which eventually turns into a broader discussion of coaching sports ...


Jun - 06 - 22
In this episode of Local Vibes, BdotCroc talks about her favorite performances and rap battles, the importance of creating opportunities for women in music, and a whole lot more!


Jun - 03 - 22


Jun - 01 - 22
Meda joins us for this episode of Local Vibes where he talks about his writing process, creating his own world with Garbage Company, and everything else on his radar.


May - 20 - 22


May - 18 - 22
In this episode of Local Vibes, BLOOD $MOKE BODY talks about shedding former versions of themselves while still growing together, exploring different genres and crafting new projects and performances. ...

EP 133: Guess Who's Back

May - 17 - 22
In this week's episode, Conner, Jason, and Mae are joined by the founding members of Radio K Sports and the Sports Hour podcast Trask Angell and Grant Sandberg in their long-awaited return to the podc ...

Passage of Time

May - 16 - 22
In this episode of Real College Podcast we unpack the passage of time with the assistance of reporter Brandon Wetterlin and spoken word, as well as bid a fond farewell to beloved host Casey McCabe!

Papa Mbye on 'Blonde' by Frank Ocean

May - 11 - 22
On this episode, we chat with Papa Mbye about his favorite album -- 'Blonde' by Frank Ocean.

EP 132: Weird Sports Stats & Marathon Interviews

May - 10 - 22
On this week's episode, Conner, Mae, and Jason run through Gopher sports and have a fascinating discussion on unbelievable sports stats. Also, they are joined by Erin Reed and Elizabeth Sullivan to di ...

SXSW 2022 Episode

May - 09 - 22

Nikhil Kumaran

May - 06 - 22

EP 131: Marathon & Memorabilia Talk

May - 03 - 22
In this week's episode, Conner, Mae, and Jason discuss Conner's marathon this past weekend, run through this past week in Gopher sports, and discuss their best/most valuable sports memorabilia that th ...

St. Anthony Mann

Apr - 29 - 22