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October 2022

11.27.22 Jockstrap

Nov 30, 2022

Jockstrap is an electronic pop duo that originated in London and is composed of artists Georgia Ellery and Taylor Skye. The duo performed a sold out show at 7th Street Entry with special guest opener Ernest Rareberrg. From the beginning it was clear that the show was about the music and the performance; the concert was not just a normal showcase of the artists’ discography, their show was meant to be experienced. Rereberrg produced a table and candle from behind the curtain and then performed poetry by candlelight to accompany his music, Ellery and Skye seamlessly presented their setlist to make sure the emphasis was on the songs’ lyrics and the concert’s atmosphere rather than them as relatable celebrity artists, even further Ellery made the choice perform live the wide range of instruments that appeared in the songs. (She performed with a guitar and violin - the violin being an important instrument in her musical past as she used to be the violinist in the English rock band Black Country, New Road).

One of the most incredible parts of the show, however, was the audience: the crowd was exclusively die-hard fans of the artists. The show was packed (in fact, according to their Facebook page, Jockstrap’s entire tour is completely sold out), whenever Ellery paused to let the audience sing the rest of a lyric they enthusiastically joined in, and even some audience members I was able to converse were so dedicated to the band they knew Ellery’s history with Black Country, New Road.

For those who are curious if a Jockstrap performance is for them, do not be wary of being a newcomer in an audience of clearly dedicated fans. The show is impactful to anyone who is open to internalizing metaphorical and poetic lyrics as well as anyone who wishes to see a show that functions as a piece of art. Some concerts work on creating a sing-a-long experience between the performers and their listeners, the show becomes about everyone knowing the words, singing along, and having a good time together.

Conversely, this performance was meant to invoke strong and complex emotions within the audience. It was more than a concert, it was the artists’ self-expressions delivered in a rhapsodic formula. The dedication to both articulate lyrics and artistic performance was clearly valued as the entire tour was sold out by devotees and the final song, 50/50, was concluded with a long-lasting, vigorous, and well-earned uproar of applause.