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September 2022

4.2.22 Lil Keed

Apr 04, 2022

Prince Slime himself oozed on his way to Minneapolis at the Muse Event Center. Lil Keed had a very personal concert and it almost felt like a private concert. The venue allowed everyone to feel close to the artist and to be honest, I thought it would be a lot more packed. The event was hosted by many people like Wave$tars, HollywoodPudil, and On Our Own, with sounds by Polo Scott. 

The show started with many openers but some highlights were my homie Treyson Green performing. He dyed his hair green before the show, and he wore a cool black and green puffer jacket, and bright, lime green Balenciaga triple s’s to compliment his fit. To me, he looked really sick and confident. Treyson started his set with my favorite song of his called “No No No,” which is a rage/cloud rap song. I would listen to it if you like Trippie Redd and his song “Miss the Rage.” Treyson definitely knows how to control a crowd with his energy turning up. I enjoyed watching him because he had all of his friends on stage and they looked like they were having fun and the crowd knew some of his music. Treyson has clearly taken his career more seriously and has grown a lot this year as an artist. We are not going to stop hearing Treyson’s name around, and he has an album Feeling Like Treyson dropping later this month on April 29. I’m really excited about his album and it has features from Bobby Raps, Tae Supreme, Enzyrose, Zo, and Niko Slim. 

The next opener was the 2021 WaterwaveTV Music Male Hip-Hop Performer of the Year Award winner, Tae Supreme. Tae Supreme has had some momentum in the city lately. A big draw to Tae Supreme is his energy. He jumps around the stage and it makes the crowd want to jump around too. It was cool to see him after his tour around the country with Minnesota rapper, Prof. Tae Supreme has a really good stage presence and a really strong fan base for his size. I thought it was fitting he came out in a blue Supreme hoodie. A lot of people think Tae Supreme has what it takes to blow up and make it out of Minnesota, so it’s going to be interesting to see what he does next. I would check out Tae Supreme if you like Stunna 4 Vegas. 

Lil Keed came out to his song “It’s Up Freestyle,” which blew up on TikTok when TikTok was brand new. It was a perfect song for this app at the time because of the beat and it was hard to tell when the song stopped and started so you kept playing the song over and over. This is one of my favorite songs by Keed and it’s definitely one of his more hype songs. Lil Keed was dressed in all black with really flashy, translucent but cloudy Off-White glasses, and his huge diamond chains, one of them, a big pendant of his face, draped over his hoodie. He looked fly especially with how he carried himself and just seemed like a relaxed, smooth guy. One of the best performances that night was when he did the song “HBS,” which had the crowd turning up. Lil Keed’s DJ, DJ Sidereal was funny and had good chemistry with Keed. Keed played all of his hits like “Snake”, and even his song on Young Thug’s album “Big Tipper.” One of my favorite parts of the show was when he surprised the crowd with Minnesota legend KayCyy, who was featured on Ye’s (Kanye’s) album Donda this year. If you were paying attention to their social media they were hanging out earlier and recording. KayCyy came out in a Celine red flannel jacket with tall, and blast white rain boots, probably influenced by his time spent in Paris and the fashion there. They performed a song they made together and it was really vibey, and I did not expect the two to make a song but I liked it. Keed finished his set with my favorite song of his and a crowd favorite, “Nameless.” I had a blast and the vibe there was awesome. Lil Keed brought the party to UNION Rooftop with the same DJs, but I did not go. Minnesota was brought together by a bigger Atlanta artist and it was really cool to see. We need more events like this in Minnesota!

By Kai Loiseaux-Purcell

Photo by Aaron Loun