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Baths & Young Fathers @ The Triple Rock

May 11, 2014



He brought that mixtape sizzle all the way from Los Angeles, where he currently lives. His microphone stopped working and we didn’t get to hear him speak for a long period of time, but his failed attempts at conversation were enjoyable in themselves. He breezed past it with laughs and continued his steady flow of icy beats. He remixed Beyoncé’s “Drunk in Love” to party status. It’s the age of computers.



Truly explaining their performance would require a few expletives. Instead, let’s all agree this show was the bee’s knees, if bees could make a crowd of sweaty young adults feel their bodies and rejoice in the physicality of life. They were fiery, edgy, and exact with their motions and dynamics throughout. If they were Old Fathers, they would not be able to perform this show. It felt like an art performance, if anything, as they did not talk to the audience and instead stuck to their choreography and perfect timing. This was quite the spectacle. They will definitely be welcome in Minneapolis anytime.



Will Wiesenfeld claimed to be suffering a cold after playing a few songs from his most recent album, Obsidian, though he was still able to scream and remain cheerful. He mentioned that the last time he was in Minneapolis, he called us “Milwaukee” by mistake, a joke that a few audience members tried to play off perhaps longer than Will intended.

His music, his music! It felt as though we were in some sort of space station and Will was preparing us for takeoff. There were sounds of dripping water that reminded me of spring rains under a roof. There were cold, metallic swooshes. The whole show was a strange, watery night and evoked a few moments of synesthesia, as the sounds were so textured I could almost see them. A top notch performance by all.

Eva Moe