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October 2022

Battle of the Bands @ The Whole

Apr 03, 2014

Another round in the Battle of the Bands on , another great group of student bands!

Spring Jam 2014: Battle of the Bands

Four awesome local bands performed at the Battle of the Bands preliminary rounds at Coffman Memorial Union, which blew the University of Minnesota attendants away. The Whole was shoulder packed with supportive fans that jammed out to four of their favorite bands. Performing first in the competition was the band Color Tab. They immediately rocked the crowd with tunes like Hope and the audience favorite, The Town. The crowd clapped and cheered along to most of their numbers, as the second band, Center Coast took the stage. This band brought a soulful funk and edge to the stage and the crowd loved it. With screaming fans at every corner, the band closed out their set and made way for the third competitor, Hippo Campus. This band had a sound that seemed to mix Maroon 5 with a tint of Green Day, and the crowd started dancing amongst themselves half way through the songs, making it quite the party. Last and certainly not least was the band, Violet Eyes. This band gave a smooth finish to the competition, which made it hard for the crowd to choose a winner. Judging by the crowd’s reaction, every band was a crowd favorite.  The winner of this competition was chosen by the crowd, but also will get a chance to perform as a headline act at Spring Jam, Saturday April 26th

Ezinne Mgbeahuruike