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September 2022

Black Angels @ First Ave

Feb 05, 2014

On 2/3/14, Golden Animals, Rocky Erickson and Austin-based Black Angels pulled a full house crowd through the doors of the venue.

First Ave being the exceptional venue that it is, always puts on an amazing show. But Monday being exactly that Monday, you wouldn’t think even First Ave could pack a full house. On the contrary: Golden Animals, Rocky Erickson and Austin-based Black Angels pulled that full house crowd through the doors of the venue.



Golden Animals started off the show nicely with their slow paced groovy psychedelic blues. Tommy Eisner crooned with his Jim Morrison influenced voice and turned a few heads while doing so. Their mild psychedelia grooves primed the audience for the onslaught of blues and heavier psychedelic tunes that were about to consumer their minds and ears.



While all the bands of the bill drew a diverse crowd, it was psychedelic pioneer Rocky Erickson who pulled in a little bit of the older crowd. It was not only the middle-aged crowd who enjoyed his hard bluesy elongated jams but also the young folk. Ericson belted his rough scratchy voice throughout these jams and to his cult following within the audience these lyrics were familiar. Some of the younger audience may have discovered a past great of the genre.



Headliners The Black Angels put out the heaviest psychedelic explosion most ears have ever been graced with. Utilizing their five albums of material, they played a great variety. They started off with a little of the new with “Evil Things”. Evilly dripping with rock n roll swagger, they set the bar high. Also from the new album Indigo Meadow, they rocked out their hit “Don’t Play With Guns” and mirrored their quality from the studio right on stage. They mixed up some old tunes from Passover “Young Men Dead”, and “Black Grease”. From Phosphene Dream they played “Entrance Song” and “Telephone”. Alex Maas’s voice never sounded out of tune and Stephanie Bailey drums kept every head bobbing in the house. Christian Bland bent his guitars sounds in inconceivable ways and made an unbelievable performance come to life before everyone’s eyes. The band performed as a well oiled and in tune machine, that pumps out some of the best-altered sounds. These guys are worth the following and your time.


Aaron Bolton