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Charly Bliss 6/16

Jun 17, 2019

Indie rock sweethearts Charly Bliss arrived at First Avenue’s 7th Street Entry last night full of energy for their fourth tour stop promoting their latest album, Young Enough. Originating from Brooklyn, New York, the band consists of four members including Eva Hendricks (lead vocals, guitar), Spencer Fox (vocals, guitars), Sam Hendricks (drums) and Dan Shure (vocals, bass). Charly Bliss remains loyal to the 90’s indie scene and their lyrics echo everyday life and struggles. Since their first album, Guppy, debuted in 2017, their fan base has grown and their shows (including last night’s) are often sold out.


Emily Reo has been touring with Charly Bliss, and were a perfect opener for the night. Promoting their latest album, Only You Can See It, which came out this April, Emily Reo delivered a short yet powerful set. Playing songs old and new from a variety of previously released music, the band was full of excitement and certainly thrilled to be on tour. Reo’s soft yet carrying voice filled the venue, and while she sang about her past and present problems she carried optimism close to her heart, despite the complexity of self-possession that was a constant presence in her lyrics. She was a pleasure to listen to and I will be excited to see where she goes next.

Charly Bliss had one of the most energetic openings I have ever seen. All four band members were jumping and dancing to Young Enough’s opening track “Blown to Bits.” Eva wore bright, glittery eyeshadow which tied nicely with her bright pink dress, while the rest of her band wore white t-shirts and jeans. Seeing the band interact with each other was sweet to watch and all four members were clearly proud of each other and their work. Eva rarely stood in place longer than thirty seconds and often danced and bounced between her bandmates. Their power and non-stop energy was contagious and the audience, which consisted of people of all ages, were all smiles ad full of excitement. Though Young Enough was just released in early May, all the new songs were overwhelmingly welcomed and many of the audience members were captivated while singing along.


The band mostly played tracks off their latest album punctuated with the standout songs “Fighting in the Dark,” “Young Enough,” “Bleach,” and “Hurt Me.” Acknowledging how the majority of their album focuses on an abusive relationship, Eva Hendricks noted how powerful it felt for her to release all her emotions and thanked fans for their continuing support. It is hard to talk, let alone sing, about something so traumatic and Eva did so with the utmost power and ownership.  

The band did a good job of mixing in tracks from Guppy as well and encouraged their audience to sing along. They even had an encore of covers and they did a spectacular job playing The Killers' “Mr. Brightside.” It truly was a gift to watch someone with so much talent and gratitude play and I cannot thank Charly Bliss enough for such a wonderful night.I can't wait to see them back in the Twin Cities!

Written by Marina Lundell