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Aug 02, 2018


Wednesday night, hundreds of fans packed into the Cedar Cultural Center to see Deafheaven. Starting out the night was a lively performance by New York band Uniform. The band’s heavy and foreboding drums combined with guttural vocals and distorted guitars set the mood for a night full of moshing and cathartic anger. This mood was slightly altered by the next performer, Los Angeles band Drab Majesty. Coming straight out of a Youtube Vaporwave video thumbnail, Drab Majesty took the crowd on a journey through a hazy land full of synth arpeggios, reverb-soaked guitars, and powerful vocals. Although Drab Majesty’s sound was an unexpected change of pace, it was still a great performance. Sandwiched between the heaviness of Uniform’s and Deafheaven’s performances, it was a pleasant palate cleanser and a great chance to charge up for the impending explosion of energy.

Finally, the time came for Deafheaven to take the stage. Drenched in water, George Clarke grimaced into the audience. Building up a twisted sense of rapport between himself and the audience, he used his dark energy to keep the audience captivated for the rest of the night. Deafheaven growled through songs from their latest project Ordinary Corrupt Human Love like “Worthless Animal” and “Honeycomb”. The band also took time to revisit old favorites of theirs like “Sunbather”. Interspersed between moments of intense, frenzied moshing and ear-piercing shrieks were beautiful, albeit brief instrumental sections. These sections were great opportunities for the band and the crowd to recharge a little before blowing their fuses all over again as the death growls and blast beats start all over again. Towards the end of their performance, Deafheaven realized they ran slightly over their time. The band gave a collective shrug and then ripped into their final track of the night, “Dream House”. George Clarke and I held hands for what felt like an eternity and he even held the mic to me to snarl “I’M DYYYYING!!!” myself. I’m pretty sure that I cried, but hey, who wouldn’t?

I feel lucky to say that Deafheaven was my first Metal show ever. There were a few moments of doubt while thrashing about in the pit as to whether or not I’d make it all the way through, but I’m still standing and I’m still typing so I think I made it through okay. Great performances by Uniform, Drab Majesty, and Deafheaven gave the sold-out crowd a night to remember, and probably some aching bodies the morning after, too.

Julian Green