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Dizzy Fae's "Free Form" Release Show!!

Feb 23, 2018

Good Luck Finding Iris


  As the show goers of the night piled into the U of M’s Whole Music Club in a search for good music and an escape from the snow Good Luck Finding Iris began their set. Dreamy guitars and padded synths galore Good Luck Finding Iris continues to prove itself both in live their performances and recorded material. The band consists of four members, each who manages to add more than their fair share of sound and texture to the mix that is their sound, but not by any means is this a bad thing. The bands debut EP, Patience was released on Bandcamp on December 22nd and I highly recommend giving it a listen.

Marco McKinnis


 As smooth as his singing, Marco MckKinnis began his set with casual conversation about how he is originally from Virginia right before asked the crowd if it was ok if he could sing a song. Thirty seconds later my cynicism to the Banter drifted  away and I was hypnotized. In fact, I believe that hypnotizing is the perfect adjective to summarize the entire performance. The audience clearly felt so, several times was there a noticeable sway in the crowd and I often caught myself wishing that each song would go on for longer. The velvet in his voice combined with luxurious sample filled backing tracks really created a mood that I believe anyone can vibe with. This was my first time ever seeing or hearing of Marco McKinnis but I believe that one of the great things about his music is the attentiveness of it. His music seems to coexist with as much attention as you want to put into it, and I wouldn't be surprised if he planned it that way.

Dizzy Fae


In full effect and surrounded by an aesthetic that commanded the rooms attention the moment that she took to the stage, Dizzy Fae’s performance last night is the perfect example of hard work honed over time. With Alec Ness from SU NA to her left, a projection flashing curated visuals behind her and an additional guitarist to her right the Dizzy Fae project is clearly more than music, even at first glance.

Performing songs off of her new EP titled the Free Form Mixtape, Dizzy’s style almost effortlessly fuzes classic R&B styles with new electronica, all wrapped in a blanket of warm ness and sass that is Dizzy Fae herself. If you have not already listened to her new mixtape, I highly recommend giving it a listen. At 29 minutes long it’s a great listen, one that made me eager to see what this new Minneapolis artist has planned for the future. 

Sam Legierski

Photos by Darby Ottoson