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October 2022

Dum Dum Girls and Blouse @ The Triple Rock

Apr 03, 2014

On 4/1, female fronted bands Dum Dum Girls and Blouse took over the Triple Rock to put on a show that proved both bands' skill.



Tuesday evening's female vocal centric concert at Triple Rock kicked off with the Portland dream pop band Blouse. On tour after the release of Imperium, Blouse kicked off their set without an introduction for an excited audience. Blouse's set put the power of contrasting sounds on full display. The physicality of Blouse's drummer combined with a persistent bass line, which comfortably sat in the extremes of its low register throughout the performance, provided a raw rhythmic line upon which the highly augmented voice of front woman Charlie Hilton was free to float. The humungous difference in sound between the rhythm guitar and the bass guitar gave Blouse a washed out quality that entranced  the audience. If a listener still had any restraints at that point, Hilton's Nico like vocals removed the remaining resistance embracing the audience with her voice's warmth.



Dum Dum Girls took the subdued energy Blouse installed in the audience, and proceeded to steal the show with triple guitars, incredible four part vocal harmonies, and raw pop rock rife with reverb. Wearing an extremely sexy form fitting black dress, front woman Dee Dee seemed to embody the emotions permeating her music, and there is a huge amount of emotion within Dum Dum Girl's entire discography, especially considering their newest album Too True's emphasis on the pain associated with dealing with the death of a close friend. Hence the mourning black that has constituted much of Dum Dum Girls' recent concert garb. Whether through curled lips that border on a snarl, playing guitar riffs well, almost seductively, staring down select audience members, or silently grooving with her band mates sound, Dee Dee approached each song with a different demeanor revealing  the emotions encapsulated by each individual track. The rest of the ladies formed a perfect compliment to this. Dum Dum Girls has some of the cleanest drumming I've ever heard, the bassist can rock with the best of them and tossed out some much appreciated smiles, and the lead guitarist Jules can handle a blatantly chaotic looking Madison guitar and sound board with ease. Every member of the band is hugely skilled, and every member of the audience left with some new insight on their favorite songs. There is no debate, Dum Dum Girls come alive in concert.

Mikey Wambach