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June 2022

FIDLAR @ 7th Street Entry

Nov 02, 2013

If your clothes were saturated in sweat, if you saw more folks crowd surfing than those holding them up you probably went to see FIDLAR at the 7th St Entry.

By Samantha Sacks 

If your clothes were saturated in sweat, if you saw more folks crowd surfing than those holding them up, if you looked up to see Zac Carper hanging by his feet from the rafters and if your ears are still ringing, you probably went to see FIDLAR at the 7thstreet entry on November 2, 2013.



Local three-piece, Frankie Teardrop, started out the night with their Ramones-esque sound. The trio mostly played songs from their new EP, Tough Guy, which they mentioned was recorded themselves and available on tape at the merch table. Earlier in the set, they played a song off the EP called, “Chicago,” a youthful ode to the beloved city. Later in the set, they played more songs off of their EP, some of which included, “Stop,” their resentment of young love and  “New Beverage,” an anthem of pop (soda, that is). The jangly guitars, catchy bass lines, and relatively clear vocals demonstrated their fusion of garage rock and the more retro forms of punk. The group set the bar for the rest of the night’s variety of punk subgenres.



Next up, and with immense vitality, was a second local group, France Camp, named after its front man. The four-piece had a unique surf punk feel to the sound, much like FIDLAR. France Camp, held his duct-taped guitar high up by his chest, over his head, amid his legs, and just about everywhere in between while going off on speedy frenzies with the rest of the band. Hard, catchy melodies were complimented by his punchy vocals and sporadic shouts. They turned the mic over to an enthusiastic audience member near the front of the audience to make his own screams while they began another fast paced song. France spilled a bottle of water on stage amidst the chaos and continued to sit in the puddle he formed before exclaiming that it was like a “slip and slide” on stage. The bass lines rocked back and fourth, mimicking the churning of the audience, which France dove into. Folks went wild again as he walked into the audience shredding on guitar; that is when I noticed the Radio K keychain dangling from his pocket, which I went wild for.



FIDLAR was warmly welcomed on stage to the last show of their fall tour. Their opening was powerful and evoked what seemed to be an emotional end to their lengthy stretch of shows. The audience immediately commenced into an energized mosh pit as vocalist/guitarist, Zac Carper, shredded away on his guitar decorated with words like, “burrito” and “shred”. His crowd diving and surfing frequented the rest of the night with the help of a crewmember that assisted in retrieving him, especially during a fan favorite, “Max Can’t Surf,” off of their debut self-titled LP released earlier this year. After each song, Carper would say a high-pitched, “thank you!” similar to Bjork’s famed version of the phrase. A couple slower and more ballad-like songs appeared sparsely in the set; one of them was “Awkward”, a track off the exclusive split 7” available on tour. FIDLAR valiantly ended their set with their Blink-182 cover of “Dammit”, which sent the crowd into near-hysteria.