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June 2022

Fiji 13 'Heavy Breathing' Release Show !!

Oct 15, 2017


I had been looking forward to this show for quite a long time.  The lineup looked amazing, and it had some of my favorite local bands like 4th Curtis, Gully Boys, Lunch Duchess and Fiji 13.  I’d heard them all the time on Radio K, but I’d only had the opportunity to see 4th Curtis live before.

The show started off with a new favorite artist of mine, one I had never heard of before.  Real Dom came out onto the stage in an impeccable marching uniform, though it didn’t stay on for long. Real Dom’s live performance combined visual and musical art in a really amazing way.  He started playing his music,  and, in an act which involved stripping, dancing, and a video projection behind the stage, proceeded to get the audience energized for the show.

Next came Gully Boys, a garage rock band from Minneapolis.  They played songs off their self-titled EP like “Greasy” and “TV Window” as well as quite a few I hadn’t heard before.  The band had a great energy, with vocal harmonies sometimes involving all three members.  

After that, Lunch Duchess took the stage, bringing the drums forward so that drummer/singer Katharine Seggerman could play while staying in the usual singer position at the front of the band.  They played a set of great songs including “Unable/Unwilling” and “Intent” that only faced a minor malfunction when the guitarists guitar stopped working.  Luckily, someone helped him out and he borrowed a guitar from Fiji 13.  Meanwhile, to fill the time, Seggerman tried to convince keyboard player Nicky Leingang to play a song from her project City Counselor, but luckily the situation resolved itself before Leingang had to improvise.

The final opening band was 4th Curtis.  I had seen them once before, and they once again put on a great show.  They played some great songs like “Anjali” and “I Won the Pageant” as well as some material which doesn’t appear on their record, like a cover mashup.

Finally, around midnight, Fiji 13 took the stage.  Even though I had been starting to get tired, I was wide awake as soon as they started playing.  Their performance was full of energy, and everyone in the audience was feeling it.  They played some old songs and some new songs off their Heavy Breathing EP.  It was really phenomenal punk music.  The show started and ended on a high note, without ever dropping in between, a great, diverse set of local bands and a really great showing from Fiji 13.


Ben Halom