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Foxwarren 7/5

Jul 07, 2019

On the Friday night following the 4th of July, fans poured in to the 7th Street Entry for a night of wholesome indie music. Singer Songwriter Hannah Cohen kicked off the night, and she was just as earnest and wonderful as the videos of cute animals that flood her twitter – @MissHannahCohen. Cohen played a bunch of tracks off of her new album Welcome Home, including the soaring self-empowerment anthem “This Is Your Life”, which had the crowd vibing beautifully with each other as the NYC singer’s brilliant soprano soared over the minimal instrumentation that characterized her set. On keys and guitar, Sam Evian, who also produced her latest album, did a fabulous job, playing these dazzling keyboard parts with such intense focus while still supporting a lighthearted and whimsical spirit on stage. 


Cohen’s set was also characterized by some top-rate stage banter. In this reviewer’s opinion, stage banter can make or break a performance, and her openness to the crowd and colorful storytelling really facilitated the lighthearted tone of the evening. This was exemplified in the hilarious story she told about accidentally snorting a fly and being unable to accurately convey the horror of the experience to her bandmates. Overall it was low-key, sweet, and a beautiful opening performance by Cohen and Co.

Foxwarren is the project of indie staple/Canadian heartthrob Andy Shauf in communion with several other talented musicians who also grew up on the vast Candian prairies: Dallas Bryson (guitar/vocals), and brothers Darryl Kissick (bass) and Avery Kissick (drums & percussion). They’ve been a band for quite some time now as they all grew up together, but Andy Shauf’s solo success likely prevented the band from releasing an album until late 2018, when Foxwarren was released via ANTI- Records. Shauf’s vocals marry perfectly with the band’s instrumentation, which is far more catchy and hook oriented than Shauf’s solo work.

The set started with their song “To Be”. Shauf came with a buttery smooth acoustic guitar melody followed by the Darryl Kissick’s easygoing bass line. From the start, I noticed just how unified their sound was. They all seemed comfortable and extremely in sync with one another. It was as though they were playing for close friends rather than an extremely sold out and sweaty 7th Street Entry. 


They’ve been a band for at least ten years, so I was happy to hear some new/different songs. I think I heard four or five tracks that were not on the album which was great! On one song Andy crooned “she loves me not when the winter is over” over some psychedelic guitar tones before the track morphed into a “Fleet Foxes-style” wall of folksy sound towards the end. Very cool! Other standout tracks were “Your Small Town”, a tune which perfectly encapsulates how the wide open space characteristic of growing up in a small town becomes a part of you. Also, the extremely laid back and totally beachy “Fall Into a Dream” towards the end, one of my personal faves from the album, sounded fantastic with its jangly guitar riffs that sort of morph into a Tame Impala style reverb drenched extended outro. 


There was some endearing, if not awkward, interaction between the band and the folks at the 7th Street that night; I mean, they played for nearly an hour. At one point Shauf even facilitated a little QnA where members of the band answered questions that people yelled across the packed venue. So, it was nice when Shauf came out and performed an unreleased solo song called “Judy” for the encore. Shauf’s voice is so deadpan yet so endearing, and he’s using it to tell this adorable heartfelt story about someone who’s so happy with this other person it makes them feel craaaazy good! Such an honest and wholesome performance.  

Written by Andy Schoonover 

Photos by Evelyn Staats