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Frankie Teardrop @ The Turf Club

May 05, 2014

Teenage Moods, Carroll and Frankie Teardrop played a show Sunday night, May 4th, at the Turf Club to kick-off Frankie Teardrop's mostly east-coast tour with Howler. These three groups are from Minneapolis and are an example of the world-class music being created and performed within this city. All three bands have had well-deserved buzz over the past few years, but this show promised substance as well as hype and energy.
Oh, and did I mention Strange Names? They started the show with a stellar DJ set with hot 80s and 90s hits as well as some excellent deep cuts. They kept things going between sets. People were grooving from the time they entered the door til it was time to go!



Teenage Moods are a real gem. These players started the night with some excellent bouncing soul music. Smiles were everywhere as people rushed to the floor to groove a bit. It was kinda hard to savor the bliss from song to song as they kept coming with the sweet, syrupy music all over the Turf Club! They must have found Alex Chilton's astral plane because the music was great and connected with some wild other places! They rocked so hard that (lead singer and guitarist) Gordon broke a string halfway through the set! Dan, the new guitarist from Frankie Teardrop, graciously offered his own instrument for use for the rest of the set - a ceremonial gesture which promises excellent karma for their upcoming tour.


The bands flipped the stage like the pros that they are. Carroll was up next and expertly guided the audience through a guitar-oriented mind trip. They looked nervous, but why when their bass guitar and drummer could be used as a reference for atomic clocks? Sick grooves and lovely guitar passages were weirdly juxtaposed with the dark subject matter of the songs. The audience was guided into pensive arenas - a great set choice between the wilder Teenage Moods and Frankie Teardrop sets!


The final act from City Pages' 2013 Summa Cum Laude Frankie Teardrop held much promise - and they delivered right away showering the audience with their wonderful hit "Stop". After the tone was set, they continued to pour forth hit after hit as Sunday night faded to Monday morning. They leave for Pittsburg on Friday. We know they'll rip a great tour, because they kicked it off righteously!
Luke Taylor