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Fury Things, Ego Death, Tony Peachka, City Counselor, 4th Curtis

Dec 19, 2016


Photo by Bronson Karaff 

Those of us brave enough to venture out into the snow and sub zero temperatures were pleased to find a warm welcome last night at the Turf Club. A few last minute switch ups left us with a five band bill comprised of 4th Curtis, City Counselor, Tony Peachka, Ego Death, and Fury Things.

Starting the night off, seated trio 4th Curtis gave us a mix of cover mash ups and melodic originals, skipping a more traditional instrumentation in favor of a drum, guitar and piano combo that set things in motion on a gentler note.

What followed was, in this reviewer’s humble opinion, the standout performance of the evening. Solo act City Counselor, a last minute addition to the bill, graced us with a selection of rich operatic vocals over Alesis synthesizer tracks for a combination that gave each of these vintage elements a new dimension. From the playful criticism of new luxury condo developments to a striking rework of the opera piece "Se i miei sospiri" by François-Joseph Fétis, the set kept you entertained and intrigued from start to finish.

Turning the dial, cheeky power pop quartet Tony Peachka played a quirky and well received set, ramping up the energy as effortlessly as the wispy snow blew in the wind outside.They ended their set in frenetic meltdown mode (arguably one of the best modes), which set the stage well set for self described gloompunk trio, Ego Death who then kicked it into even higher gear. 

Then Fury Things came in and took it up about eleven more notches with their sincere, if 90s alternative influenced (according to their citation), undeniable rocking. The Minneapolis three piece powered through a refreshingly amped up set kept in motion by seamless transitions and peppered with endearingly existential tuning banter and humble props given to the preceding bands. As evidenced by the growing crowd, it was well worth the frigid journey.


Dr Refsnart