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June 2022

Fury Things Release Show

Dec 06, 2015

Strange Relations


This local Minneapolis trio started out the night on a good note (pun intended). Strange Relations has been opening for Fury Things since the beginning. The listener can tell Casey Sowa, drums/vocals, has poured her heart into writing these songs. She is a very passionate artist that is not afraid to show it through her music and stage performance. With her groovy long time friend Marisa Helgenson, bassist, and Nate Hart-Anderson, guitarist, the three put on a head bobbing show. Even during the slower tunes, you can't help but dance around and do some light head banging. The trippy colorful effects was the icing on the cake and made for a very enjoyable performance.

Kitten Forever


Kitten Forever is far from your ordinary punk rock band. Another local Minneapolis band consisting of Corrie Harrigan, Laura Larson, and Liz Elton are a wild trio who screams girl power and friendship and loves Miley Cyrus. They're those type of girls you look at and say to yourself, "damn, she's freakin' cool." Their unique stage performance includes a cord phone microphone and rotating instruments during songs. All three of them sing, play guitar, and drum, making them an incredibly talented group of badass women. They never stopped moving (which explains the blurry picture attached) and hardly takes any time to rest in between songs. Perhaps the modern Babes in Toyland is amongst us?

Fury Things


If you didn't know of Fury Things before the show, you know them now. Triple Rock was packed for this rad Minneapolis local rock trio. They began with a song that rocked you socks. Guitarist and vocalist, Kyle Wersteing cracked a couple jokes and preceded to rock the night with fellow band members Devon Bryant, bassist, and Andrew Carson, drummer. The release of their new EP, "VHS" 12", consisted of fast paced rock, passionate guitar solos and powerful lyrics. The songs played went from the crowd jumping up and down to swaying, closed eyes, and vibing with the sweet tunes.  Once again, the effects on the screen behind the band was the perfect addition to help make this show memorable. They were especially grateful for all of their head banging fans and all of the sponsors who made the night happen, which makes the listener love the band even more. They ended their set with a couple of their old songs which really got their fans going. They went so hard that Kyle had to mention, "pardon the sweat," and ended up on the stage floor by the very last prolonged climatic note strumming along giving it his all. 

Alpha Consumer


Not sure why this band went after Fury Things, seeing it was their EP release show, but they definitely made a great impression and had some really great songs. Consisting of J.T. Bates, Michael Lewis, and Jeremy Ylvisaker these men describe themselves as, "We are a rock and roll outfit on the Totally Gross National Product label." They started out soft and mellow with out any lyrics, worked their way to some more up beat songs into some new songs with fast rhythms and lyrics. The local Minneapolis band played lots of short length songs with funky guitar solos and smiles all around. They may not have been jumping around stage like the previous bands, but you could tell by their facial expressions they were ecstatic to be there and were really enjoying themselves. 
Kaylee Grunseth