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September 2022


Jun 21, 2022

HOMESHAKE’s new album Under the Weather’s sound can be described as entrancing R&B pop synths that soothe the solo wandering soul. This album’s tracks seamlessly blend into one another through their sultry tempos and the constant visualization of being stuck in a fogginess that leaves one disoriented and forced to probe their entire being.


Right next to where one of the campus buses crashed through Acadia, a live music venue near the West Bank of the University of Minnesota Campus, we were welcomed warmly to the lovely nonprofit venue of the Cedar Cultural Center. We were woefully informed Salami Rose Joe Louis was not able to perform as the opener; it was to be found that Mike Kota, a local artist based in Minneapolis, would be stepping in for her. This left me so stoked, for I, aligning with the values of Radio K, love supporting local artists. Kota introduced herself to us with such grace and humbleness, claiming us as her new friends, and told a story of how she wrote one of her songs on a drive up to Duluth (which is the most Minnesotan thing I have ever heard, and also, fully relate to). Throughout her powerful performance as a one woman band, she helped us imagine the limitless potential within us all as she performed songs off of her recently released EP entitled Rift. I would be doing a disservice to the world if I didn’t recommend you should listen, especially to the first song on the EP, “Every Damn Day”.


After the awe inspiring performance by Mike Kota with her majestic harmonies and powerful vocals, HOMESHAKE delivered a show that successfully followed up on the surge of calmness and intense inner reflection sent through the crowd. Peter Sagar floated upon the stage with his band to the short synths of “Wake Up!”, and placed himself peculiarly off to the right side of the stage behind his keyboard. The band began with “Feel Better” off of the new album, which instantly placed the crowd in, what I would diagnose as, a synth psychosis. Heads swayed and all anyone could do was vibe to Sagar’s mellow lyricism and forget the pressures of their daily lives.


    The crowd sang along softly to “Give it to Me”, which was one of my personal favorites with the simple repeating guitar riff and chimes being strewn around gracefully by the bassist. When HOMESHAKE addressed the crowd, Sagar had his voice altered lower on his mic so he sounded interestingly more like a voiceover in a ransom video than the chill indie singer-songwriter that his music portrays. Another favorite was during the encore performance, which seemed to take some time to occur due to Sagar’s trance causing mostly everyone to go mute for an extended period of time. The tune came after their rendition of “Change (in the House of Flies)” by Deftones, which flowed satisfyingly into the last song “Haircut”, for it encompassed a dreamy guitar solo that closed off the night perfectly. This concert left us all thankful for HOMESHAKE giving us a safe space for our minds to wander and for the frankly glorious gift of live music.

by Ashley Gustafson