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Horsegirl with Catbath and Harlow 7.8.21

Jul 20, 2021

With the purple haze of 7th Street Entry’s lights illuminating the endearing calmness that
was building in the audience of the venue on Thursday night, it was almost as if Horsegirl was
destined to rock. After over a year and a half of desolate venues across the state, live shows are
returning with a force stronger than ever, and Horsegirl proved this to be true. With support from
the newly founded band Harlow and the returning powerhouse that is Catbath, the show allowed
no choice but to be reminded of the versatile and compelling music scene that exists in the Twin

From Harlow’s melancholy three guitar ambiance to Catbath’s moshpit-worthy bass that
was knocking Radio K’s merch off of the wall, the versatility and hypnotism that came from the
variety and depth of the music was impossible to ignore. Harlow, made up of band members
Samuel Ketcham, Jackson Rudquist, Hannah Morton, Michael McGough, and Julia Keen, is a
Covid-created band who played their very first live show in the Entry on Thursday night. With
an EP being released later this summer, their tunes will undoubtedly be circulating the Twin
Cities within a short matter of time. Catbath, made up of members Crystal Stockert, Travis
Franklin, Mathew Graves, and new bassist Kristin Koisieracki, not only had every member of the
audience ready to rumble, but had a gravitated stage presence that was impossible to ignore.

And of course, Horsegirl. Made up of Gigi Reece, Nora Cheng, and Penelope
Lowenstein, they are a band hailing from Chicago. They’ve been performing live since 2019,
released their first ever EP titled Ballroom Dance Scene et cetera last year, and have now played
their first ever show in the Twin Cities after their set on Thursday night. But there’s a twist -
they’re all under the age of 18. With their melancholy performance stature and enticing lyrical
and instrumental composure, you would never know. Horsegirl’s performance proved to have a
dream-like quality that has the ability to pull any listener in and not let them go. There is no
doubt that Horsegirl will leave their mark on the Twin Cities as they have done to Chicago. And
from the multiple “Horsegirl’s rule!” being yelled from the audience on Thursday night, it’s safe
to say that’s already begun to happen.